History of the Hollister Company

How the Hollister Company was started is not clearly known because some other news seems to turn out that the Hollister Company was founded by a free spirited Yale graduate who actually left Massachusetts in 1915. He sail up the South Pacific before settling in California before opening a surfing store with his girlfriend. However, The New Yorker exposed that A & F launched the label in 2000 but concocted a detailed story about John Hollister and how he started the label in 1922. John Hollister has long been represented in the company’s real signature, vintage-style advertising campaigns. The main driving force behind the name and the story of Hollister was the former CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch called Mike Jeffries, who finally stepped down in the late 2014 after the company experienced consistent sales declines.

Ideally, the establishment of Hollister Company is associated to a free spirited surfer founder believed to be called John M. Hollister. The company is known to make casual clothing label Hollister Co. it was first launched in 2000 by Abercrombie and Fitch, though the label is branded as starting in California in 1922. Its first store was first opened at the Eastern Town Center in Columbus, Ohio, and the initial idea behind opening of the store was to attract consumers with ages that range between 14 and 18. Abercrombie and Fitch created a backstory about a man called John Hollister, who they claimed that he founded the label after settling in Laguna Beach in 1919. afterwards, the company was taken over by Hollister’s son. The news exposed in The New Yorker claimed that A & F created the legacy to make the brand to be more credential.

Hollister Company’s rapid success led Abercrombie and Fitch Company to notice the existence of Hollister’s bran, then surpassed the A&F brand. The distinction between A&F and HCo is that, higher-grade materials and construction were actually introduced in the production of A&F clothing and goods. Hollister Company provides apparel and accessories for both men and women that include shirts, pants, logo tees, winter wear, knits, outerwear, jeans, bracelets, shorts, caps, sleepwear, belts, flip flops, hats, scarves and necklaces. It also offers lip balms, perfumes, colognes, body care products, gift cards, lip shine and gloss products. Currently, the company is known to retail its products through chain of stores that are available in United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Goods from the Company are given names from SoCal beaches, like how Gilly Hicks does with the Australian beaches. The labels proclaim Hollister Company as Pacific merchants that were established in 1922. Abercrombie and Fitch kept HCo Price points affordable to its targeted consumers. The price points of HCo are relatively lower than its parent Abercrombie & Fitch by about 20%. The Hollister Company maintains the SoCal theme by categorizing its stores and merchandise depending on the the divisions of products. for instance, it named Dudes for men items, and Bettys for women.

In general, the real Hollister and the fabricated story of Hollister Company have created a lot of confusions for locals in the California town of Hollister. What most people know is that the company was founded in 2000 and is actually based in Los Angeles, California and it operates as a subsidiary company of Abercrombie & Fitch.

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Best Hollister Products

Hollister, an American lifestyle brand is known the world over for its SoCal –inspired image and casual wear themes. It offers its clients, both guys and girls a wide array of products to choose from. These include but not limited to tops, jeans & bottoms, jackets & outerwear, Shoes and accessories, underwear and socks, dresses and rompers, intimates and sleep to fragrances and colognes for girls and boys respectively. At Hollister, there is something for everyone. Listed below, are some of the best Hollister products the brand has to offer.

For Guys


Their logo graphic full-zip hoodies for guys has always been a customer favorite for years. With the body and hood lining made from forty percent (40%) polyester and sixty percent (60%) cotton, the hoodie does feature a bold Hollister logo and graphic at the front, while the hood does have patterned drawstrings. They do also feature front pockets as well as a center front zipper closure. To ensure availability to all clients, these popular slim fit hoodies are available in different colors and sizes ranging from small, medium, large to extra large.


Even though they come in different makes and shapes, the mockneck pullover sweatshirts are without doubt some of the most popular options for guys. These sweatshirts usually feature some color block detailing with a half-zip closure at the top. Fitted with two front pockets on either side, the Hollister logo is uniquely positioned at the top of the left sleeve, near the shoulder. The unique look of this attire is further pronounced by the longer hem at the back as well as the contrast interior neck taping. The woven fabrics are made from a hundred percent (100%) polyester whereas the other part of these slim fit sweatshirts are made from thirty four percent (34%) polyester and sixty six percent (66%) cotton to give it that unique look. They are usually available in a variety of colors and sizes from small to extra large.

Boot Jeans

Hollister has succeeded where most labels have failed in maintaining this iconic boot jeans design. Mainly available in rich dark colors with whiskering and fading through thighs, these jeans are available in the classic five pocket styling as well as the signature Hollister back pocket stitching. They are usually in waist sizes ranging from twenty eight (28) to thirty six (36) inches with lengths of either thirty (30) or thirty two (32). Made from a hundred percent (100%) cotton, these jeans are favored by clients because they are comfortable, durable and easy to maintain.

For Ladies


With a large selection of sweaters to choose from, such as rib trim boyfriend cardigan, cable crew sweater, iconic V-neck sweater etc. The lace –panel cable sweater does stand out as one of the best Hollister products. Available in a variety of colors such as Navy, Burgundy and Oatmeal; this classic cable sweater has been successfully updated with romantic lace panels on its sleeves. The sweater does also feature a crewneck and an easy pullover silhouette giving it that rare iconic look that you only get in Hollister products. The lace used is made from twenty one percent (21%) nylon and seventy nine percent (79%) viscose. These easy fit sweaters are made from cotton (58%), Acrylic (25%) and Polyester (17%). They are available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes.


The Hollister fleece leggings, available in a variety of colors such as navy, dark grey, black and burgundy are ideal for either lounging or workout purposes. Made with a very subtle and comfortable stretch, the Hollister logo is printed on the left leg and does have banded cuffs and a drawstring waist to ensure maximum comfort.

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Worst Hollister Products

Hollister is a store well-known for its trendy apparel for high school aged kids. While most of the items for sale appeal to its general audience, there are a few things that have missed the mark. Hollister generally has a great grasp on what it is that high schoolers want, but sometimes they get a little daring and attempt to try something new that just doesn’t work out. Here is a list of some of the worst Hollister products available:

  1. Girls’ Fringe-Hem Poncho Sweater and Fringe Open Blanket Top. While the concept of a poncho sweater and a blanket top does actually sound cozy for cold weather, the entire look of the top itself missed the mark completely, because it looks like grandma’s blanket she keeps on the back of the couch. Perhaps the fringe that surrounds the bottom and the overall look of the poncho and blanket top makes it to where grandma instantly comes to mind. If the design of the top wasn’t so fringy and the overall pattern of the print was different, this may actually be a cute top.
  2. Guys Super Skinny Jeans and Super Skinny Chinos. These had to make the list of the worst Hollister products available because of the “super” part of the title. While skinny jeans and pants for guys can actually be cute, especially in the way that Hollister famously makes them, the super part is just too much because the skinny jeans themselves are already tight enough.
  3. Acid Wash Jeans for young ladies. These jeans look like they are straight from the 80’s, and no matter how trendy they try to become, they simply look as if they are just old pants.
  4. Guys Lightweight Puffer Vest. The reasoning behind making the puffer vest isn’t very understandable because usually when someone wears them it is because it’s cold outside and they want to warm up. Although Hollister has their cool looking iconic bird embroidered onto the left chest area of the vest, it doesn’t make up for the fact that this coat is just missing the arms. This is probably one of the very worst Hollister products on the market.
  5. Boyfriend Jeans. These jeans definitely missed the mark because they have such massive holes on them; and they are square holes. Although Hollister jeans fit really great and usually look amazing on, the Boyfriend Jeans are too worn-out looking and have too many large holes to make them actually look cute.
  6. High Rise Bell Bottom Jeans. The only thing that actually looks out of character for Hollister is that the two pockets on the front of the jeans are not the same as the rest of the jeans, making them look really out dated. If the pockets were the same color denim as the rest of the pants, they would be very cute and wouldn’t deserve to be on this list of the worst Hollister products.
  7. Prep Fit Denim Shorts for guys. These are tight, short shorts, with a lot of holes in them, which leaves little to the imagination. If they were slightly longer and with fewer holes, they would be extremely cute. Because of the fringe on the bottom, giving it a cut-off look, they simply look like old cut-offs and not like something from the trendy Hollister.

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Places to Find Hollister Gear

Hollister is a popular American lifestyle brand geared towards teenagers. Owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, the super trendy clothes are available in-store as well as the company’s online store. The Company opened their first flagship store for the Hollister concept in 2009 in the SoHo district on 600 Broadway. With its 4 floors of retail space, everything that represents Hollister Gear is present – sun, sand and surf. The laid-back, cool Californian lifestyle wasn’t only brought to SoHo, but to Fifth Avenue and and later in 2010 a flagship in New York. In fact today, Hollister operates 3 flagships and one secondary flagship store – SoHo, New York, London, Regent Street and Munich.

The Real Deal

Places to find Hollister gear abound. Remember though to make sure you get the real thing as there are many manufacturers trying to duplicate the awesome Hollister Gear brand. For more than 80 years, Hollister have been producing the highest quality Southern California clothing and the hottest fashion must-haves. he way to ensure you find your genuine Hollister gear is to get it from one of their regular stores or to get it direct online from the company websites.

You may well find Hollister products on other websites, so make sure you are getting the real deal in a Hollister store. You’ll find their stores in the United States and Canada. There are more than 500 locations in the United States, and internationally there are 30 stores in the UK and 11 in Canada. There are also a number of stores in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Austria and in China . There are also two stores in Australia but these are closing down in 2016. Just be careful that you make sure to get the real thing. Hollister guarantees all of their products for wonder fit and feel when you buy your trendy gear from them.

A New Look with New Addresses

Offering sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies, polo shirts, jeand shopping bags. After the resignation of CEO Michael Jeffries, the brand has changed its marketing slant and is now focusing on the future where product and customer experience are the primary focus. Today you can find the surfer themed clothing, footwear, swimwear, fragrances and accessories at many stores around the world. Recently it was announed that there were plans to lower the cost of Hollister goods and to also more clearly distinguish the chain from the Abercrombie brand. The brand has made some mistakes in the past, and now the brand is doing whatever it can to offer trendy, active gear for carefree young people.

Make Use of Store Locators

Looking for places to find Hollister gear? Hollister have embedded Google Maps store locators allowing buyers to show a map of the different locations around the world where Hollister stores are to be found. These store locators have all the features customers need such as being able to find stores on Android or IPhones and being able to search for your nearest location for Hollister stores by postal code or address.

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Products Hollister Should Make

Hollister clothing has a cool laid back style of clothing that completely resonates with young people. Their major niche within young people though is only geared towards the slim and lean bodied youth. This falls all round for both boys and girls but mostly the hammer falls on the girls. Their retail chain of stores all over the country stocks clothes of sizes 0 to 9 though they still have sizes labeled, small, medium, large and extra-large. Hollister line of clothing cropped up from California and most of their clothing’s represent this state. In fact some of their clothing names are associated with California.

Their style of clothing is not one for appearing at an interview, going for a ball or gala, but for simple outdoor moments like going to the beach, hooking up with your friends for a movie and basically hanging out after school time. The Hollister clothing company has specialized in youth regalia where you will find a wide array of Capri pants and a cool selection of jeans including the tear away models. They have tank tops, t-shirts, casual long sleeved shirts and skirts. They also include an array of swim suits and bathing costumes in their lines.

Bright colors and lively designs are the backbone of their clothing lines. Some of their clothes even have their logo as a brand name. Jeans are featured very prominently in their stores and are a vital part of their collections. Though they have worked very hard to create their own unique brand, many people feel that they should do more and add some additional lines to their collection. It feels like the stores discriminate against a certain group in the society.

What they should introduce in their line

We are not saying that they should now start catering for every individual in the society as if they are a supermarket where you can buy all under one roof, but rather if they chose the youth niche then at list they should consider some additions:

Girl’s dresses

For a long time ladies have complained that these should be added in their collection. Not all dresses are official. In fact today the sun dresses are in fashion and they are a cool wear especially during sunny weather like in summer. They are perfectly comfortable to wear when you are going to the beach or just hanging out with your friends. Hollister specializes in casual and this casual should auger well with the youth of our time.

Full bodied clothes for young people

Having a big body does not mean you are old. In fact there are very many young people who have full bodies and are proud of it. Look here, if you are going to specialize with young people and casual only, at list you should consider the full bodied young people who would also love to were casual after class. This group of young people also loves to wear jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and so on. They are not few in the society and who knows, they may add a lot of profit and increase your sales a hundred fold.

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