Places to Find Hollister Gear

Hollister is a popular American lifestyle brand geared towards teenagers. Owned by Abercrombie and Fitch, the super trendy clothes are available in-store as well as the company’s online store. The Company opened their first flagship store for the Hollister concept in 2009 in the SoHo district on 600 Broadway. With its 4 floors of retail space, everything that represents Hollister Gear is present – sun, sand and surf. The laid-back, cool Californian lifestyle wasn’t only brought to SoHo, but to Fifth Avenue and and later in 2010 a flagship in New York. In fact today, Hollister operates 3 flagships and one secondary flagship store – SoHo, New York, London, Regent Street and Munich.

The Real Deal

Places to find Hollister gear abound. Remember though to make sure you get the real thing as there are many manufacturers trying to duplicate the awesome Hollister Gear brand. For more than 80 years, Hollister have been producing the highest quality Southern California clothing and the hottest fashion must-haves. he way to ensure you find your genuine Hollister gear is to get it from one of their regular stores or to get it direct online from the company websites.

You may well find Hollister products on other websites, so make sure you are getting the real deal in a Hollister store. You’ll find their stores in the United States and Canada. There are more than 500 locations in the United States, and internationally there are 30 stores in the UK and 11 in Canada. There are also a number of stores in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Austria and in China . There are also two stores in Australia but these are closing down in 2016. Just be careful that you make sure to get the real thing. Hollister guarantees all of their products for wonder fit and feel when you buy your trendy gear from them.

A New Look with New Addresses

Offering sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies, polo shirts, jeand shopping bags. After the resignation of CEO Michael Jeffries, the brand has changed its marketing slant and is now focusing on the future where product and customer experience are the primary focus. Today you can find the surfer themed clothing, footwear, swimwear, fragrances and accessories at many stores around the world. Recently it was announed that there were plans to lower the cost of Hollister goods and to also more clearly distinguish the chain from the Abercrombie brand. The brand has made some mistakes in the past, and now the brand is doing whatever it can to offer trendy, active gear for carefree young people.

Make Use of Store Locators

Looking for places to find Hollister gear? Hollister have embedded Google Maps store locators allowing buyers to show a map of the different locations around the world where Hollister stores are to be found. These store locators have all the features customers need such as being able to find stores on Android or IPhones and being able to search for your nearest location for Hollister stores by postal code or address.

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