Products Hollister Should Make

Hollister clothing has a cool laid back style of clothing that completely resonates with young people. Their major niche within young people though is only geared towards the slim and lean bodied youth. This falls all round for both boys and girls but mostly the hammer falls on the girls. Their retail chain of stores all over the country stocks clothes of sizes 0 to 9 though they still have sizes labeled, small, medium, large and extra-large. Hollister line of clothing cropped up from California and most of their clothing’s represent this state. In fact some of their clothing names are associated with California.

Their style of clothing is not one for appearing at an interview, going for a ball or gala, but for simple outdoor moments like going to the beach, hooking up with your friends for a movie and basically hanging out after school time. The Hollister clothing company has specialized in youth regalia where you will find a wide array of Capri pants and a cool selection of jeans including the tear away models. They have tank tops, t-shirts, casual long sleeved shirts and skirts. They also include an array of swim suits and bathing costumes in their lines.

Bright colors and lively designs are the backbone of their clothing lines. Some of their clothes even have their logo as a brand name. Jeans are featured very prominently in their stores and are a vital part of their collections. Though they have worked very hard to create their own unique brand, many people feel that they should do more and add some additional lines to their collection. It feels like the stores discriminate against a certain group in the society.

What they should introduce in their line

We are not saying that they should now start catering for every individual in the society as if they are a supermarket where you can buy all under one roof, but rather if they chose the youth niche then at list they should consider some additions:

Girl’s dresses

For a long time ladies have complained that these should be added in their collection. Not all dresses are official. In fact today the sun dresses are in fashion and they are a cool wear especially during sunny weather like in summer. They are perfectly comfortable to wear when you are going to the beach or just hanging out with your friends. Hollister specializes in casual and this casual should auger well with the youth of our time.

Full bodied clothes for young people

Having a big body does not mean you are old. In fact there are very many young people who have full bodies and are proud of it. Look here, if you are going to specialize with young people and casual only, at list you should consider the full bodied young people who would also love to were casual after class. This group of young people also loves to wear jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and so on. They are not few in the society and who knows, they may add a lot of profit and increase your sales a hundred fold.

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