Worst Hollister Products

Hollister is a store well-known for its trendy apparel for high school aged kids. While most of the items for sale appeal to its general audience, there are a few things that have missed the mark. Hollister generally has a great grasp on what it is that high schoolers want, but sometimes they get a little daring and attempt to try something new that just doesn’t work out. Here is a list of some of the worst Hollister products available:

  1. Girls’ Fringe-Hem Poncho Sweater and Fringe Open Blanket Top. While the concept of a poncho sweater and a blanket top does actually sound cozy for cold weather, the entire look of the top itself missed the mark completely, because it looks like grandma’s blanket she keeps on the back of the couch. Perhaps the fringe that surrounds the bottom and the overall look of the poncho and blanket top makes it to where grandma instantly comes to mind. If the design of the top wasn’t so fringy and the overall pattern of the print was different, this may actually be a cute top.
  2. Guys Super Skinny Jeans and Super Skinny Chinos. These had to make the list of the worst Hollister products available because of the “super” part of the title. While skinny jeans and pants for guys can actually be cute, especially in the way that Hollister famously makes them, the super part is just too much because the skinny jeans themselves are already tight enough.
  3. Acid Wash Jeans for young ladies. These jeans look like they are straight from the 80’s, and no matter how trendy they try to become, they simply look as if they are just old pants.
  4. Guys Lightweight Puffer Vest. The reasoning behind making the puffer vest isn’t very understandable because usually when someone wears them it is because it’s cold outside and they want to warm up. Although Hollister has their cool looking iconic bird embroidered onto the left chest area of the vest, it doesn’t make up for the fact that this coat is just missing the arms. This is probably one of the very worst Hollister products on the market.
  5. Boyfriend Jeans. These jeans definitely missed the mark because they have such massive holes on them; and they are square holes. Although Hollister jeans fit really great and usually look amazing on, the Boyfriend Jeans are too worn-out looking and have too many large holes to make them actually look cute.
  6. High Rise Bell Bottom Jeans. The only thing that actually looks out of character for Hollister is that the two pockets on the front of the jeans are not the same as the rest of the jeans, making them look really out dated. If the pockets were the same color denim as the rest of the pants, they would be very cute and wouldn’t deserve to be on this list of the worst Hollister products.
  7. Prep Fit Denim Shorts for guys. These are tight, short shorts, with a lot of holes in them, which leaves little to the imagination. If they were slightly longer and with fewer holes, they would be extremely cute. Because of the fringe on the bottom, giving it a cut-off look, they simply look like old cut-offs and not like something from the trendy Hollister.

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